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What Is Included In Each Order?

SnackPerk offers both Healthy and Popular Snack Boxes

Purchase as a one-time order or as a recurring subscription


Healthy and Popular snack boxes feature a wide variety of chips, cookies, granola bars, gummies, and more. Healthy snacks include options that are gluten free, organic, keto friendly, and fewer, cleaner ingredients
Snack selections includes a variety of individually wrapped snacks such as:
🤩Chips, Cookies, Crackers
😊Granola bars, Pastry bars
😁Treats, Gummies, Candy
🥨Peanuts, Trail Mix, Pretzels
🎉Jerky, seasonal, and more!
👍Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO
👍Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Plant Based
👍Options for food sensitivities
👍And other clean ingredients
*Items rotate regularly to ensure fun surprises in each delivery! 
For questions or to see a full list of snack items, please email us at
For more information about snack boxes for your team, please schedule a call with one of our friendly representatives today.