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Healthy Snack Boxes

Healthy snacks include: organic, keto, vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, paleo, plant based and other natural ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

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These are my favorite!

We get these regularly and they really make a difference. It's nice to have snacks that we can have throughout the day. I feel appreciated and I don't hit the afternoon slump.

Thank you Isaac! We're so glad that the snacks are helping your team. We have heard the same thing from many of our customers. It's sure nice to be able to refuel when you need to. Thank you for your business! We love making a difference!

We LOVE these!

My staff and I always love when our snack boxes arrive! It's like a birthday party every time we restock our office!

That is so great! Thank you for your business! We have so appreciated working with you for these past two years!

Lucy March
Love it!!!

My employees are obsessed. Can't wait for next month's box!

That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you for your thoughtful review! We are so glad that you love the snacks. We really appreciate your business!

Will buy again

We've been using these snack trays for our office for the past 8 months. Everyone loves them and it has saved our HR a lot of time and headache. We have about 70 employees in our office so we order 40 of the large snack boxes with 150 snacks every month (20 boxes every two weeks). I've been really happy with the customer service. Ordering is fast and easy and the snacks are always delivered on time. My employees love the snacks and they all huddle around the boxes whenever the restock boxes arrives. We are looking to add the same subscription to a new branch that we just opened in another city and I will definitely continue ordering from SnackPerk.

Mike thank you for your review! We have absolutely loved working with your team! We are looking forward to working with your new office too! Congrats on opening a new location!

Saves me time

I'll never buy snacks from the store again. These snack trays have saved me so much time and headache.

Thank you Elizabeth! That is great news and exactly what we're here for! We have loved working with you and your team! Thank you for your business!