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Employees that feel appreciated are more likely to work better and be more loyal to their company.

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SnackPerk offers a wide variety of both Healthy and Classic snacks that are sure to brighten up any workplace.

> Attract Talent

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If you want to show your team that you care while also being the office hero (and you will be!) then give your team a delicious treat that will not only make you look good, but will also help them do better at work too!

Save Time with Recurring Orders and Never Run to the Store Again

Snacks in the office are all the rage these days. Employees are not only looking for such perks in the office but they expect it.

SnackPerk offers great solutions such as Office Trays that are great for in-office employees, parties, events, conferences and meetings, as well as individual snack boxes that are perfect for remote employees, employee recognition, special occasions, gifting and customer appreciation.

Snacks are an affordable and easy way to bring energy and excitement into the office.

Are you looking for ways to encourage your team to come back to the office? Then treat your team to some delicious snacks today!

Boring snacks? NOT ANYMORE!

Forget running to the store and getting an earful from everyone that the snacks that you just bought don't taste good or that they are bored of eating the same things every week.

Snackperk offers a huge variety of Healthy and Classic snacks that'll get everybody excited!

Not only that, our snacks rote regularly for fun surprises everytime.

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Healthy and Classic Snacks For Everyone!

Our snacks have gone through numerous rigorous tests to ensure that they not only taste good but that they are well loved by nearly any age or demographic.

That being said, you can rest assure that your team will not only like our snack selection, they will LOOOVE them!

What's Inside?

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Causes we Support

SnackPerk hires individuals with special needs such as Down Syndrome, Autism, missing limbs, wheelchair users, etc. These individuals are important to SnackPerk as they add value and diversity to our company.

SnackPerk Employs Individuals with Special Needs

We place great value on our team members and we especially love working with our special needs community as they bring love and diversity to our company.

SnackPerk proudly employees individuals with Down Syndrome, autism, and wheelchair users just to name a few.

Each member of the SnackPerk team is seen as family and we go to great lengths to ensure that each member feels valued, loved and appreciated.

Employing individuals with special needs

SnackPerk Gives Back

SnackPerk donates 10% of all net proceeds to local charities every year. It is our firm belief that the more that we give back the more that we receive.

SnackPerk also pays all of our employees 5 hours of mandatory service work per month where employees have the ability to give back to their local communities through various service opportunities and love.

We believe that personal confidence and individual purpose is gained as one serves. It not only does good, but it also feels good too!

Charities we Support